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1st Aug, 2016

The Smoker’s Guide to Great Skin

What do you see when you peer into the mirror?

We all want to look our best, don’t we? So let’s just start by saying that no, smoking is not the best beauty decision you can make. Chances are, this comes as no surprise. Perhaps you’ve tried to give up or maybe you’re cutting down? Well, without launching into a finger-wagging lecture we’d like to highlight how smoking affects your skin…

What smoking does to your skin?

Smoking speeds up the ageing process by:

  • Robbing your skin of oxygen
  • Causing broken capillaries and dilated blood vessels (resulting in uneven skin tone and redness)
  • Breaking down collagen and elastin – the very essence of youthful skin
  • Increasing and deepening lip and eye lines by squinting and pursing your lips
  • Decreasing Vitamin A levels causing dryness
  • Starving your skin of anti-oxidants
  • Breaking down natural defence mechanisms

In fact, some scary facts have shown that smoking 30 cigarettes a day can lead to the equivalent of 14 years of ageing.

What skin care choices should you make?

If you smoke, there are a number of areas that should be tackled when dealing with your skin, and we’ll examine each one individually:

Dehydrated skin is one of the biggest complaints that need addressing. A good moisturiser such as Biomedical Collagen Serum (R640 from Pure Wellness) can soften and moisturise compromised skin. To combat the depleted essentials, such as Vitamin A, collagen and elastin, you should consider Optiphi Intense Retinol Serum (R1205) and Biomedical Peptide Therapy (R1400), which will replace what your skin is lacking. To pump moisture into the skin – and keep it there – consider Optiphi Intense HA Serum (R1205 from Pure Wellness), which locks in moisture where your skin needs it the most. As a smoker, remember that you need to drink far more water than a non-smoker and increase your VIT C intake.

Premature lines and wrinkles follow hot on the heels of dehydrated skin. The puckering and squinting actions used when smoking tend to deepen the lines in these areas, which are already prone to wrinkling. Moisturising will certainly help, however, some in-clinic skin treatments with the Dermapen can make a quick and lasting difference in this area.

You may find that your skin tone is uneven, patchy or grey? A lack of oxygen to the skin cells, as well as restricted blood flow, is the root cause of red patchy skin, a grey tone or broken blood vessels. To counter this effect, consider a Lactic acid, Salicylic acid or Glycolic acid peel, which help counter fine lines and uneven skin tone.

An unexpected side-effect of smoking can come in the form of acne. Yes! When you inhale, you are flooding your lungs with around 4000 chemicals, which your body will struggle to get rid of. In addition, the unfiltered smoke on your own face will clog up pores and elevate the amount of sebum that the skin produces – hence, breakouts. Keeping your skin clean and free of oils and dirt is essential. A thorough and gentle cleanser, such as the Biomedical Anti-Acne with its anti-microbial benefits, is a necessity.

As a smoker, your skin cells are continually breaking down so your skin needs more frequent attention. You are welcome to visit our clinic and talk to one of our experienced team who can guide you on your path to beauty.