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14th Jul, 2016

How do autoimmune diseases impact your skin?

More people than ever are suffering from autoimmune illnesses – especially in the western world. And as the numbers continue to climb, it seems that the constant barrage of toxins from our food, water and air is taking its toll on our overall health. Our immune systems are working overtime to combat these contaminants but it needs help.

What are autoimmune diseases?

Our body’s natural defence system is incredible and fends off incoming dangers on a daily basis. However, this sometimes goes wrong and the body cannot differentiate a good healthy cell from an invader, so it attacks both.

Some examples of autoimmune diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease, however, there are also a number of autoimmune diseases that affect the skin, such as lupus, that noticeably affect the colouring, moisture and photosensitivity of one’s skin.

Many of us live with the symptoms of these illnesses for years, without realising that we are compromised. It’s only when we see the outward effects on our skin that we tend to sit up and take note.

The effect of autoimmune diseases on your skin.

A compromised immune system leads to inflammation and a breakdown in our natural skin barrier functions which causes cells to age quicker.

By aiming to create a healthier environment for our skin, reducing inflammation and increasing barrier function we can slow down the daily degeneration and aging process of our cells. Regular facials can help to restore this function but there are also a number of products you can use at home to complement your salon treatments, such as Biomedical Peptide Therapy 50ml (R1400.00). Biomedical’s Peptide Therapy packs a powerful anti-ageing punch. Soothing and protecting the skin, precious peptides provide advanced skin densification, while enriching tissue repair and long-term cellular hydration. Paired with advanced skin calming benefits, it actively works to support the skin.

Optiphi active M 100ml (R960). Enriched with Sea-Multi Extract, the Optiphi active M cream intensely nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals to moisturize, tone and restore your natural brightness. It also supports the skins structure, tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Should you be struggling with the discomfort of a particular skin condition, we can help. Please call in to our Kloof clinic and chat to one of our qualified team who can help you with the correct treatment or product.