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3rd Jun, 2016

Can an acid peel help with acne scarring?

Too many of us experience the scourge of acne in our teens. We do our best to keep it at bay with various creams and, in some cases, medication. 

However, the scars can remain to haunt us well into middle-age. These can include skin discolouration, poor skin texture, and depressed scars.

Can acid peels help?

Acid peels have been used to effectively treat acne scarring. But how does it work, and can it work for you?

A chemical or acid peel is effective in reducing uneven skin, blemishes, wrinkles, and pigmentation. The chemicals, which are administered by qualified therapists, strip away the top layer of your skin – taking with it old, dead cells. This forces the skin to regenerate, stimulates the production of collagen and pushes fresh new skin cells to the surface. The result is a fresh, even skin tone with fewer blemishes, and the boost of collagen plumps and firms the skin.

Some acne scarring may be extensive with deep, indented marks. In this case, a series of peels or a stronger product concentration would be needed in order to be effective. Another option available is the FDA approved Dermapen (Recommended for people over 18). This delicate procedure superficially punctures the skin – going only 1 millimetre deep. This minor trauma to the skin kick starts the production of collagen to repair the affected areas, resulting in bright, fresh skin. 

Can you perform an acid peel at home?

There are some gentle home peel kits that you can perform yourself. These home kits are milder and serve to loosen the glue that holds the dead skin cells in place on the surface of the skin. 

If you want a more effective peel, then it’s wise to visit a clinic with specially trained staff, as a more powerful product will penetrate deeper into the skin. 

In fact, there are a number of factors that a therapist will consider when deciding on a peel for your skin. How severe is the scarring? Is your skin particularly sensitive? Will you experience any discolouration or irritation? How many treatments will be necessary to achieve your desired result?
An acid peel is a wonderful way to freshen, brighten and revive your skin. And of course, healthy skin shows fewer imperfections.

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