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23rd Feb, 2017

How To Put Yourself First

In the age of the selfie, self-appreciation should be an easily accepted practice. So why is it still seen as vanity when you pout your lips and snap a photo on a day that you’re feeling particularly fresh? The same can be said for taking pride in your appearance, many believe that there are better uses for money than getting a spray tan or getting your nails done, but we believe...    READ MORE...

12th Jan, 2017

Glycolic vs. Vitamin C Peel - Which Is Best For You?

We are often asked the difference between the facial peels that we offer, which is why we thought we would compare our two most popular peels: the Biosynth A-C Peel (R720) and the Glycolic Peel (R640 – R690)

Biosynth A-C Peel

  • Safe for all skin types and ages
  • Anti-bacterial - used in the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections.
  • Speeds treatment of hyper pigmentation - caused by various factors, e.g: overexposure to the sun, hormonal...    READ MORE...
2nd Dec, 2016

Festive and Fabulous!

A time to reconnect with family and friends, what’s not to love about the Christmas?

Well, while you might love the Festive Season, your skin wont thank you when it’s time to return to reality in the New Year. The combination of “good food” and “good times” can really take its toll on your liver, and in turn, your complexion. So what can you do to make sure...    READ MORE...

3rd Nov, 2016

Our top tips for a mighty mo (and beard!)

The results are in – there’s nothing more manly than a man with a beard. But if you have or are thinking of growing a beard, good grooming is essential to keeping your good looks.

We’ve put together our top tips to help you keep your beard (and your skin underneath) looking it’s best:

  1. Just as you wash the hair on top of your head, you should be washing your beard too. The...    READ MORE...
4th Oct, 2016

It’s never too late to get Summer ready!

Our skin changes several times a year as it reacts to the weather and environment, which is why your skin-care routine should be designed to adjust to the seasons.

During Winter, for instance, cellular regeneration slows down, which leaves your skin looking dull and lifeless, however, with the advent of Spring (and Summer just around the corner) it’s not too late to give your skin some well-deserved TLC and get it glowing!

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14th Sep, 2016

Spring clean your skin

The days have been getting longer for a while now, but as temperatures start to climb too, it means out with the jeans and jerseys and on with the skirts and sandals. But before you do that, ask yourself one question: is your skin ready for the change of season?

Winter can really take its toll on your skin. Low humidity together with less fresh air can leave your skin looking dry...    READ MORE...

1st Aug, 2016

The Smoker’s Guide to Great Skin

What do you see when you peer into the mirror?

We all want to look our best, don’t we? So let’s just start by saying that no, smoking is not the best beauty decision you can make. Chances are, this comes as no surprise. Perhaps you’ve tried to give up or maybe you’re cutting down? Well, without launching into a finger-wagging lecture we’d like to highlight how smoking affects your skin…

What...   

14th Jul, 2016

How do autoimmune diseases impact your skin?

More people than ever are suffering from autoimmune illnesses – especially in the western world. And as the numbers continue to climb, it seems that the constant barrage of toxins from our food, water and air is taking its toll on our overall health. Our immune systems are working overtime to combat these contaminants but it needs help.

What are autoimmune diseases?

Our body’s natural defence system is incredible and fends...    READ MORE...

10th Jun, 2016

Why should you be using Hyaluronic Acid in your daily skin care?

As the sun rises over the beautiful fields of Yuzuri Hara, Japan, Hiroshi Sakamoto awakens to tend to his fields. Each day he labours under the warm sun for four or five hours and has done so for most of his 86 years.

This strong, healthy man is by no means the exception in his village. More than 10% of his village are over 85 – 10...    READ MORE...

3rd Jun, 2016

Can an acid peel help with acne scarring?

Too many of us experience the scourge of acne in our teens. We do our best to keep it at bay with various creams and, in some cases, medication. 

However, the scars can remain to haunt us well into middle-age. These can include skin discolouration, poor skin texture, and depressed scars.

Can acid peels help?

Acid peels have been used to effectively treat acne scarring. But how...    READ MORE...